Georgia Karuntzos, PhD


Georgia T. Karuntzos is a Research Psychologist and Vice President who leads global development for RTI’s Social Policy, Health, and Economic Research unit. Her research experience encompasses more than 20 years serving as project director and senior advisor on several national evaluation studies examining the implementation and outcomes of health promotion studies across a variety of contexts and populations. In her most recent research experience, Dr. Karuntzos has directed SAMHSA’s Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) multisite evaluation, and SAMHSA’s Prescription Drug Abuse Technical Assistance Center. She also served as principal investigator on the NICHD Work, Family, and Health Initiative. In her global development role she promotes and supports the development of substance abuse and crime and justice studies in Central America, health system strengthening work in the Middle East and Asia, and infectious disease and NCD’s in Africa, and India.